These have a wooden frame of four parts with four legs or kakul; the legs are thirmed and chafered or turned and lacquered. Ouch... You have clicked a page that seems to be very popular. The traditional craft of wood-carving was practised by several highly esteemed crfatsmen and master-craftsmen, who trained apprentices in the principles of the craft. Best handrail design in sri lanka rannimi welding works are dynamic and innovative team of people who provide product and service on the leading edge of welding technology across srilanka. Hendi-ana is the name given to spoon racks in the kitchen. We have found our new home here in Sri Lanka and we wanted to give you the full villa tour! You are interested in: Sri lanka house plans photos. The beds made in Sri Lanka display European influences, especially Dutch styles. The government will probably have to intervene to rectify this shortfall by creating special plantations for sourcing raw material for the wood craft, especially so that the forest resources of the country are not depleted. All of us think about home decor at one factor of time. The bolt post and the bolt of the doors were carved with restraint, so that the decorative aspect would not interfere with the utilitarian one. Aline Wood (Pvt) Ltd. We began our exercises in 2001 as a little carpentry workshop in delthara, piliyandala, Sri Lanka. document.write('