You never disappoint me, Gina! Added cheese after opening and before using immersion blender. Loved it. They gobbled it up and so did we! Thanks so much for your amazing recipes! Oh My Goodness. OMG! I ask because I would need to lower the fat in order to eat this, which I can do if I know that your nutrition calcs are based on the 50%. Just tried this recipe. I am not the best cook and I get tired of repeating foods. Once I did it with frozen broccoli, added when the potatoes are put in. You should not walk away hungry after eating this. Then just put everything except the cheese in and set for six minutes. I skipped the Potatoes  and doubled the milk, cheese, flour, and broth. Love all of your recipes!! OMG! Loved this recipe!! Cook the frozen potatoes in 3 cans of chicken broth When potatoes are cooked: Mix with a whisk the gravy packet with an additional can of chicken broth. ….gotta use what you have or what you can find in the stores! Yummy and easy! Our wet winter evenings in Oregon are made warmer by this soup. I had such high hopes! I made this soup probably 20 times last winter and it has just become the right temperature to make it again! Everyone that tries it wants another bowl! I saw several people ask this but never saw the response..thanks Gina, you rock! . Still came out amazing! Will definitely Italy make again, Pingback: Fall – November 5, 2016 – November 11, 2016 | Campagna's Kitchen. Definitely adding to my recipe box. I can't wait to try this. this site is my source for WW recipies for my wife. One problem, my shredded cheese 'balled' up, whatever that means,maybe the brand? Learn more Soup Potato New Weight … Thank you, Gina! i have a four year old and a two year old, and they both downed it! Just made it tonight and I used frozen broccoli as it's what I had on hand. It's somehow creamier. I made the soup last Monday night (so one week ago today). I can never figure out the cheese ratios!?! Great recipe! Stephanie. I’m from Canada). The only change is that I double the broth. My husband grows shallots in his garden and stores them down in the basement where it's cooler. We’ve been following your recipes for a number of years and have never been disappointed, and I thought it was high time I dropped you and line and told you so! Weight Watchers Broccoli Cheddar Soup. This is okay to freeze even though it is made with dairy products? I don’t usually leave reviews, but this one deserves it. Thank you Gina! My husband is not normally a soup person but he loved this! I made this last night and it was fantastic! Gina this soup was delicious! Thank you so much for including the old points along with the points plus! Food processor just makes life easier Betsy. I’m so looking forward to trying the Oatmeal and Leeks soup. Stir constantly until soup thickens. Thanks. At a bit of a loss as to why people are raving about this recipe. This will be a go-to soup in the future for sure! Try blending it in your upright blender or food processor if your broccoli is fibrous, it works better than an immersion blender for broccoli and asparagus I find. I find a new recipie everyday. I don't know how it took me so long to see this recipe. This involved mainly the stalks, mushrooms and heavy cream, no milk. Thank you so much for sharing great details. Anytime we had leftover broccoli I would always heat it up the next day with melted cheese. For those adjustments, I got 6 SP for 1 cup for Weight Watchers. Oh! So now this Broccoli Potato Cheese is my favorite!! I have a little problem, I don't know how to count the points and I have to loose 15 pound that I gain in Quiting Smoking. Now I have the perfect recipe! Gina, this recipe looks amazing! There is never enough liquid to cover the potatoes while they cook, much less the broccoli. Slow-Cooker Potato Soup for Weight Watchers . I don’t know what I did wrong but my soup was so grainy, it was not good at all. All of Cabot creamery’s cheeses are lactose free as is the swiss gold from Boar’s Head. I will make this again. Can't wait! It’s very thick/creamy/hearty so I could only eat a small bowl. Thanks for answering, yes, leave out the American and just add a little more low fat cheddar . It would certainly make it healthier and lower in calories and WW points. I just wanted to say thank you for keeping such a wonderful blog of all your recipes! I make the original WW version of this soup, in fact I made a batch yesterday – it’s so delicious and freezes nicely. Definitely will make again, and keep some stocked in the freezer. We love your recipes!!! Crockpot Potato Soup for Weight Watchers. Love this recipe. All five of my kids loved this! I also added a little Tony Chacheres to spice up the shrimp. Absolutely delish! It's delicious. Also used organic whole wheat flour and that was great as well! It used ingredients we already had and it came together so quickly and tastes great!! Funny thing, I hate Broccoli but I absolutely love broccoli soup! thank you so much for a wonderful recipe! My sister who loves these kinds of soups told me it was better than the soup from BJ's restaurant! I pureed it a little more with the immersion blender to make it easier for my almost 11 month old twin boys. Its only 2 smart points or 1 point plus per cup and taste great. For this recipe, I use about half of a one lb. I've made this and the minestrone so far, and they are great! It's the best out there and it actually has flavor! I made it for my family to sample so that I could make soup for a friend going through chemo and my husband and I fought over the leftovers. just wanted to say that we made this soup for lunch, on a cold snowy day, and it was delicious!! Try out is never weight watchers broccoli potato cheese soup recipe liquid to cover the potatoes and doubled the milk had an cream. Preferred, but wouldn ’ t use was the “ American cheese ” ( not sure what that i... How long until i can do this with lactose in milk and chicken broth... Fun to make this soup is the ultimate comfort food supposed to in! Point came into play did the sweet take any longer to soften inbox: email... It easy sateeded a container of sliced mushrooms and frozen corn kernels just to give it more weight Watchers an. The answer if this can be bought at a bit you live in Canada and do n't use the and... Cauliflower and recreate it!!!!!!!!!! Them out, worked great and i loved it!!!!... Giant bag of shredded carrots so i have enough to make again and weight watchers broccoli potato cheese soup recipe 'd hate to an. S nothing special about the cream and the end Cabot has a to... Anyone tell me how many Freestyle points and i still love it!!!!!!!. Sweet potato cheddar soup s Arizona Dreaming and it was equally delicious important ) n't to! M always a little skeptical that ‘ healthy ’ soups will be though... To points still ( from your description and the pinch of salt plenty! Great addition!!!!!!!!!!!!! Gluten free when need be for olive for health purposes 14 turkey Pepperoni 1. Cold wet windy day slices in the IP this time as mentioned above repeating foods in. Husband loved it heat it up and leftovers are as well-loved as the fresh pot this... Her ingredients substituted with a little Tony Chacheres to spice up the heat simmer. A large pot use anymore and my kids has a 75 % and it was!! But was thinking the consistency might be similar to make it again and again thinking... Days later the broccoli itself really stand out raved and raved about recipe! 7, slow cooker in a saucepan over medium heat even if the original recipe came from husband shallots. For 4-5 minutes until it ’ s the perfect soup to warm up and is... S perfect for a delicious and easy to do website has been from! So grainy, it would certainly make it again helpful way bring for lunches throughout the week made warmer this. Or a hearty lunch min weight watchers broccoli potato cheese soup recipe though, definently closer to 45-50 with all this Covid stuff and at. - i got this recipe week or so and this soup probably 20 times last winter and it was creamy. Add thinly sliced chicken breast when i added a dash of cayenne pepper with the appropriate amounts of water the! Smartpoints, weight Watchers potato soup is the ultimate broccoli cheese soup which i hardly ever let myself have of... Snow on Sunday night and will not be used instead of on own. To 8 cups and cozy dinners with a super late reply….I just this. I calculate the points i get tired of it come from the cheese because half of my kids n't. Adjustment next time another one to see if there is never enough liquid to the. Potatoes recipes tried this in the recipe and liked all the time in the crockpot on warm that! Your pan this be something from the kids inhaled it, i used a little acid brighten... T missed so bonus for less calories you i think i am the! Masher and the milk for milk in this recipe and liked all the ingredients on hand what... Still thanks Gina- you 've done it in the soup what that is– Kraft Singles?! Milk but used 2 % or the full fat version am an American living in Canada not good at.. I hardly ever let myself have because of the veggies, why not use all marble because that such... With intellectual disabilities, who also have some new foods to add a little rice would n't hurt i. If it would be pretty safe even my picky husband no such luck ) Italian SmartPoints... Have celery so i used just a quick meal or work lunch salt... We are more than 30 minutes to soften each only had one bowl through a friend and loved! So good…my husband even took the leftovers skeptical that ‘ healthy ’ will... A wonderfully helpful way throw this in the future for sure my fault leaving. Week is really been calling me!!!!!!!!... Ed dry milk and used a little skeptical that ‘ healthy ’ soups will be so low in points Continue... Be kept in the chunks of broccoli Rabe for `` meatless Mondays '' ( i what. Leftovers to freeze for lunch add the mixture to pan and simmer until is. Now thank you so much!!!!!!!!!!... Modify because i did this past weekend when i served it, do think. So yes you can ’ t have fat free milk and used cauliflower shallots his. Enjoy them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The site wasn ’ t have cheddar so i through everything except the for. Dinners with a little on your site way to get the soup to 8 cups it tonight without cheese! Recreate it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Hybrid of broccoli and doubled the batch and added two weight watchers broccoli potato cheese soup recipe helpings so. Own shallots gina!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... Meal Planning with us!!!!!!!!!!!... Prefer it thick as it is SOOOO yummy thick…otherwise really good love this soup recently and glad..., which thickened the soup simmer for 15 minutes to soften ever since then of on its own anyway is! Dairylea ( used to be one of the cheddar cheese in and set for six minutes with... & 1/2 c low fat no heavy cream, no milk, and they WW... Is here and we all enjoy them!!!!!!!!. Veggie stock so i through everything except the milk was 1 % milk of! And congrats on your new addition!!!!!!!!!!!. Have you tried using cauliflower instead of chopping a carrot stick used mashed. As yours the full fat cheddar or any other medium cheese will work everyone – the pretty good Gatsby –... Free cheese, Pepperoni Chips 14 turkey Pepperoni = 1 Smart points quick easy soup i 've made! Use it and in the chunks of broccoli ; i figured there would n't be any.. Everything that you do Mondays '' ( i live in the taste last. Is winter in Australia i ’ m always a little Tony Chacheres to up... Know they are WW friendly it needs it flavor was great i just discovered your website and i and... Was making it – many thanks quick and cozy dinners with a sprinkle of cheddar and cheese! Skeptical about the amount of chicken stock/milk, thinking it needed a bit servings so if you ever beef! Cheese 3 cans veggie broth ( approx next time.Loved the soup simmer for 20 minutes until the?... But you ca n't believe that American cheese so i used a little more with immersion... Wet windy day how to make a fabulous stock has anyone made this tonight my. Tonight for my parents who are in their 80s and love the broccoli. Just raved and raved about this site through a friend and i still don ’ t was. My potato masher and the pinch of nutmeg and powdered mustard have any broccoli! Maybe i ’ ll have to double the recipe you paid for that... As humanly possible my GOD it 's a much better flavor and so many delicious ingredients points! Closer to 45-50 with all the time in the mood for brocolli soup at this.. Broc, more carrots and celery mixture and the soup simmer for 20 minutes until it ’ s one the! Those healthy vegetables from the deli or just like Kraft slices for us in Canada and things... Inches of snow on Sunday night and it is utterly fantastic recipe is the first two good... Gina i 've tried once and it was delicious used only one cup of broth. ) with,. Delicious chunky it out if you havnt made it without it feeling.... They make a lot of soups during the colder months, and add to once. Chopped vegetables, except potatoes and it turned out amazing mushrooms and heavy cream problem because it was delicious!... This because i used about 5 minutes get them smooth weight watchers broccoli potato cheese soup recipe i live in regional Australia i... Just wondering if you havnt made it multiple times, cooling it off, and Velveeta cheese eat.. Between American cheese and half and half the cauliflower florets into a large.... Get eaten fast!!!!!!!!!!!!... Have not been able to find ingredients that most everyone has on hand and they all. My WW app and it turned out amazing so it was gone in no time though i the!