Nearly 41% still choose "jif." Learn more. Derniers chiffres du Coronavirus issus du CSSE 08/12/2020 (mardi 8 décembre 2020). The GIF wars rage on. Recent Comments. New comments should be added at the bottom.--> I was going to add in the old, old example of constructing your 'pornstar name' of first pet's name and (road you grew up on|mother's maiden name), but I see there's no real agreement which of the latter it is when I wanted to get it straight for editing in. President Barack Obama took sides on one of the most divisive debates in the history of the English language this week by declaring that the word “GIF” — an acronym for Graphics Interchange Format —is pronounced with a hard “G” sound,” as one would pronounce “gift,” “gaffe” or the “G” in “Benghazi.” Your email address will not be published. What other words is it most like? Learn synonyms, antonyms, and opposites of Survey in English with Spanish translations of every word. GIF can be pronounced both as "Jif" (as in the peanut butter (US) or household cleaner (UK)) and "Gif" (as in the word "gift"). Did You Know? Graphics, not /dʒ/raphics. Jean Kirstein(ジャン・キルシュタインJan Kirushutain?) Microsoft Forms automatically provides charts to visualize your data as you collect responses in real time. is a graduate of the 104th Training Corps, among whom he ranked 6th best. Gfycat users create hundreds of thousands of GIFs per month. How to use biennial in a sentence. According to the survey, 39 percent of people have created their own GIFs. Synonyms and Antonyms of Survey. You might hear the argument that GIF is short for Graphics Interchange Format. I thought that, today of all days, it made some sense to share the results of a … Subventions de l'État aux associations Ce site vous permettra de consulter de façon détaillée les subventions faites aux associations entre 2010 et 2018 (publié dans les PLF Jaunes entre 2012 et 2020). GIF Pronunciation Survey. Archives. Biennial definition is - occurring every two years. Easily create surveys and polls to collect customer feedback, measure employee satisfaction, and organize team events. Tweet Share Copy ... Only 54% Of Americans Are On The Right Side Of The "Gif" Pronunciation War. I now voice it much more strongly, but that question took … Posted on June 28, 2014, at 2:12 p.m. In just under a week, 1,457 people gave their answers on how they pronounce the acronym, and their perceptions of the rightness of that pronunciation. Required fields are marked * Comment. Whether he likes it or not, /gIF/ is the more common pronunciation. Mad props to Randall for running the survey questions on @xkcd twitter. "Jif" is preferred by Steve Wilhite of CompuServe, the inventor of the GIF format. The rise of social media and various GIF keyboard apps means more opportunities for people to create their own GIFs as well. August 17, 2013 Uncategorized GIFs, inspire, inspiring, motivation, motivational admin. GIF or JIF? The GIF pronunciation page says some of the people who originally used the format would say “Choosy websites choose GIF,” a take on Jif’s own slogan from my … In 1998 I carried out a further poll. Pronunciation preferences. 23:24, 16 October 2020 (UTC) In my childhood dialect, "give" is very weakly voiced and the hard-G gif pronunciation is very similar. Numbers are from the OneLook Internet survey on "How do you say 'GIF'?" Other survey research is also referred to, in order to contextualise the analyses and implications for teaching English and for training English teachers. ;This paper provides an overview of the main findings from a European-wide on-line survey of English pronunciation teaching practices. This is a GIF. Don't worry about it – arguments over pronunciation are mostly proxies for snobbery and class one-upmanship Steven Poole Tue 11 Mar 2014 13.45 … What do bimonthly and biweekly mean? But that's not English treats acronyms. Continue reading 10 Motivational GIFs That Will Inspire You → Leave a comment. Jif Peanut Butter wants to settle the debate once and for all in celebration of National Peanut Butter Lover’s Day, which falls on March 1. Name * Email * Website. Search for: Recent Posts. In 1988 I conducted a pronunciation preference survey to investigate BrE preferences in a hundred or so items of fluctuating or disputed pronunciation (eg "zebra" with /e/ or /i:/). By Jessica Testa. Find out how to properly pronounce GIF. That said: linguistics also gives us the tools to look at all the other words in English and figure out, well, okay. completed 28 Aug 1996. GIF Pronunciation Survey; Search for: Tag Archives: GIFs 10 Motivational GIFs That Will Inspire You. The "Correct Pronunciation of 'GIF'" page made me laugh for a good 5 minutes. Leave a Reply Cancel reply. About 71% of Americans use emoji, GIFs and digital stickers because they believe they can express their emotions better through images, according to a survey by GIF-sharing platform Tenor and Harris Poll. The traditional pronunciation of the digraph ll , ... Generally, Hispanics (13.4% of the 2002 US population) are bilingual to a degree. English Pronunciation of Land survey. Quickly create quizzes to measure student knowledge, evaluate class progress, and focus on subjects that need improvement. Of the people who had never created their own GIFs, 70 percent would like to try. We've got this new word. That argument ended up with someone actually calling the Geocities offices to see how the phone operators answered the phone. A Simmons Market Research survey recorded that 19 percent of Hispanics speak only Spanish, 9 percent speak only English, 55 percent have limited English proficiency, and 17 percent are fully English-Spanish bilingual. Pronunciation. According to an eBay survey of more than 1,000. GPS definition: 1. abbreviation for global positioning system: a system that can show the exact position of a….