Dear Friends!

Our Flagship business, the Brij Bihar Group, began its operations back in 1951 primarily as fleet owners and a tours and travels agency under the valuable guidance of our chairman Late Shri Vishnu Chaubey. The family-run business house, in the late nineties, further diversified in various sectors such as automobiles, hospitality, and telecommunications.

In its more than 60 years of functionality, Brij Bihar Group has seen tremendous growth and success having ventured into Maruti Suzuki (2007) and now Nexa (2016). It has revolutionized the travel and tourism aspect of Mathura region by spreading its network far beyond. In all these years, we still hold strong to our values of providing quality services along with good interpersonal relations. Connections in various religious cities have allowed us to expand our reach and create experiences worth remembering. We believe in bridging the gap between the traveler and his destination with limited hassles.

A full range of travel and travel related services through professional and reliable ground operators in Mathura is at your disposal. BrijBihar enjoys the absolute best rates from Mathura hotels, carriers and bus companies.

Our tours bring you the best of Mathura!

We Represent The Following Organizations In The Mathura